Working at Pandriks

At Pandriks we think it’s important to provide our employees with a pleasant and challenging working environment. Every day, we are committed to sustainabile growth. Of bread of course, but also of our employees and relations. Together, we create the best quality bake off bread products. In a working environment where everyone shapes their own development and where personality, talents and ideas matter.

With our mission, we want our customers and consumers to enjoy the best bake off sourdough bread, produced according to the old principles with the most modern technology in the most sustainable way.

Every day, more than 200 employees work together to bake the world a better place!

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Our corporate culture

Pandriks is ‘the best in bake off’

The way we prepare our sourdough bread is unique and innovative, but still authentic. We’re proud of that and happy to share! Inspired by traditional recipes with an artisanal quality. At Pandriks we add two very special ingredients to our 100% natural sourdough bread: time and rest! Pure and honest bread prepared with time and love from our bakers!

The unique process of 30 hours on average results in the best taste, a light structure and better digestibility. We believe in a world where food without artificial additives and process accelerators becomes accessible to everyone. People no longer eat hastily processed products, but choose fresh, pure products with an honest preparation.

Sustainability at Pandriks

It is our ambition to become the world’s most sustainable bakery. We strongly believe that we must preserve our planet for future generations and act accordingly.

We produce pure, artisanal bake off bread of excellent quality by applying traditional production principles in our state-of-the-art production facilities. We want to be a frontrunner in delivering sustainably produced bread of the highest quality to our clients and consumers. Organic bread is both an important part of our assortment and proven to be better for our planet.

We want to make our conventional and organic bake off bread available for everybody, every day!