Week of Bread 2023 in The Netherlands

This week it is Week of Bread in The Netherlands! At Pandriks we ask, together with all Dutch bakers, attention for the positive features of bread. This year’s spotlight: whole grain. With the slogan “Wholegrain, filled with fiber, filled with taste” we centralize the pro’s of wholegrain: it’s healthy and tasty. Consumers choose whole grain more and more, we see that at Pandriks as well. A positive development!

Why choose wholegrain?

Choosing wholegrain, is always a good idea. Wholegrain bread is made from the whole grain of weat. This contains valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. The grain of weat is fully processed and therefore has a positive effect on your health. It contains a lot of nutrients that we all need: protein, fibres, carbs, minerals and so-called bioactive substances. The positive effects of wholegrain bread products are mostly written to the big amount of fibers.

Therefore, research shows that the changes of getting diseases are decreased because of eating wholegrainproducts. Do you want to take advantage of these health benefits? With just 3 slices of wholegrainbread you’ll take advantage of these benefits.