Met grote droefenis delen wij mee dat onze dierbare collega Dirk van der Heul in de nacht van zaterdag op zondag onverwachts is overleden.

Vanaf het begin heeft Dirk een cruciale rol gespeeld in de ontwikkeling van de Pandriks Group, zowel in Meppel als bij de opstart van Bio Breadness in Fulda. Ondanks dat Dirk de laatste jaren te kampen had met zijn gezondheid, bleef hij altijd enorm enthousiast, positief en betrokken. Hij genoot binnen ons bedrijf enorm veel waardering en respect. Door zijn kennis en visie, maar ook op de manier hoe hij zijn kennis en mening kon overbrengen. Hij deed dit met een glimlach en een bepaalde vorm van humor, maar iedereen nam Dirk serieus. Dirk kan enorm trots zijn op wat hij voor de Pandriks Group heeft betekent.

We zullen Dirk enorm gaan missen, maar zijn visie, humor en positiviteit zullen wij altijd blijven herinneren.

Again, we had the honour of exhibiting at the Private Label Manufacturers Association Trade Show (PLMA) at the RAI in Amsterdam. For 2 days, this event is the focal point for food businesses to present their latest innovations and products to a broad audience.

The Pandriks Group is known for its wide range of bake-off products in both conventional and organic. We presented our latest innovations with a spotlight on our luxury concept La Collection by Atelier Pandriks. This is a range of premium bake-off breads made with the finest ingredients for a unique quality offering. We also showcased our innovation for SlooOW; 100% natural and organic Wholemeal Rolls.

Another highlight was our new boule concept, featuring artisanal round shaped loaves and rolls. We see a huge demand for luxury sourdough products, that are affordable and the best quality. You can read more about these trends and our vision for the future in our ‘Bake the Future’ report. The PLMA fair was a great opportunity to present these new products for the first time.

We look back on a successful and inspiring fair with many good conversations and contacts made. We hope that everyone who visited our stand was as enthusiastic as we are about our beautiful breads.

We look forward to seeing you again next year in Amsterdam at PLMA 2025.

MEPPEL/RENNES, 15 APRIL 2024BRIDOR, subsidiary of LE DUFF Group (turnover of nearly EUR 3 Billion in 2024, with presence in 100 countries) proudly announces the acquisition of PANDRIKS Holding B.V., a company that makes organic and artisanal inspired bakery products.

With this major acquisition, BRIDOR continues its strong global growth and emphasises LE DUFF Group’s commitment to accelerate its growth in the bakery sector.


PANDRIKS, a European leading manufacturer in bakery

Founded in the Netherlands in 2012, PANDRIKS makes artisanal inspired bakery products. The company offers traditional bread made with noble ingredients and organic bread under private label (in-store bake-off) and through its own brand, SlooOW (home bake-off). The two state-of-the-art production facilities in Meppel (Netherlands) and Fulda (Bio Breadness – Germany) allow PANDRIKS to supply the main European retail chains as well as overseas customers.

PANDRIKS has a turnover of €150 million (2023) and 400 employees. Under the BRIDOR umbrella, PANDRIKS will continue its journey with both its brand and values being preserved.


BRIDOR’S recipe for success is quality, bakery know-how and industrial excellence

As a partner to the world’s leading restaurant and hotel professionals, BRIDOR has been committed to quality and to preserving artisanal know-how for over 30 years. Thanks to production methods that respect the products and thanks to rigorous selection of raw materials, BRIDOR proposes premium products in over 100 countries. The company uses methods that are true to French baking know-how, in collaboration with well-known Chefs, such as Maison Lenôtre and the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best craftsmen in France). Driven by the same values as BRIDOR, PANDRIKS stands out in its market with similar strengths: quality and innovation.

Through this acquisition, BRIDOR builds on the strategy of LE DUFF Group, which has built its success on the priority given to “quality and indulgence on the plate for the well-being of consumers” (Louis LE DUFF, Founding Chairman of the Group).

The integration of PANDRIKS will expand the Group’s production capacity and bolster its product portfolio, particularly in the organic bakery market. It will also strengthen the Group’s foothold in North West Europe and bring on board a talented team of professionals who share a common vision of learning and passing on know-how.


Philippe Morin – Worldwide CEO, BRIDOR

“The acquisition of Pandriks is consistent with Bridor’s strategy. It gives us the opportunity to take a leading position on key markets such as the Netherlands and Germany. This acquisition will also strengthen our teams with the highly experienced, qualified and motivated people from Pandriks joining Bridor. Pandriks will bring to life the Bridor purpose: “Share the bakery cultures of the world”.


Peter van den Berg – CEO PANDRIKS

“We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we embark on this new chapter with Bridor. Pandriks has grown significantly in recent years and wants to invest in further expansion to optimally serve our clients. With LE DUFF Group as our new shareholder, we believe that it is possible to achieve our goals while preserving our unique identity, philosophy and strategy.”


For further questions, please contact Peter van den Berg (Pandriks) on +31 6 22 91 64 98 and/or Alice Dalla-Costa, Agence BCW (Le Duff) +33 1 56 03 12 26, /



About LE DUFF Group

LE DUFF Group is a leader in bakery, pastry and catering founded in 1976 by Louis Le Duff, with presence in more than 100 countries globally.

The Group owes its success to multiple restaurant chains (Brioche Dorée, Del Arte, Fournil de Pierre, La Madeleine [United States], Kamps [Germany] etc.), as well as to Bridor, which makes premium quality bakery and Viennese pastry for some of the world’s most prestigious restaurant and hotel chains; and Gourming (Cité Gourmande and Frial), which makes vegetables and ready meals with respect for local ingredients.

LE DUFF Group has a turnover of nearly EUR 3 billion (2024), 18 production sites and over 19,000 employees globally.


Louis Le Duff founded BRIDOR in 1988. The bakery manufacturing company is situated in Rennes, Brittany, and develops and supplies premium breads and Viennese pastries from multiple production sites worldwide (4,000 employees and presence in 100 countries).


PANDRIKS is dedicated to ensuring its customers and consumers delight in the finest sourdough bread, crafted according to the old baking principles using state-of-the-art technology in the most sustainable way possible. Since its establishment, PANDRIKS has grown to become a leading 100% natural and organic bakery with facilities in both the Netherlands and Germany, where it is known as Bio Breadness. Through its unique, artisanal and efficient baking process, it produces buns, bâtard loaves and traditional baguettes. Its extensive range of stone-oven baked bread is sold frozen for in-store bake-off, as well as in MAP format, to leading retail chains globally.


During Anuga 2023, the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair, the theme was ‘Sustainable Growth’: working together with the industry towards a more sustainable future for food. At Pandriks, sustainability is of top priority, and we believe in the importance of preserving our planet now for future generations.

During this five-day trade fair, we had the chance to showcase our latest innovations. We proudly presented our new concept; La Collection: by Atelier Pandriks and our SlooOW High-Fibre Wholemeal Rolls. Of course, we were also able to show and sample our high-quality bake-off range, both conventional and organic, and our organic SlooOW MAP range!

We look back on a successful and inspiring fair with many good conversations. We hope that everyone who visited our stand felt the same way.

We look forward to seeing you again in two years’ time in Cologne for Anuga 2025.